Who Am I?

Pink and purple flowersI’m Dawna and at the time this blog is being launched, I’ve just turned 58. On Halloween night in 1991, I suddenly developed a mystery arthritis. I was 32 and my daughter had just turned one. The doctors had no idea what kind of arthritis I had and weren’t sure what to do with me. Several years later, the ulcerative colitis manifested. At that point, the doctors identified the arthritis as colitic arthritis, affecting the soft tissue in my joints. Over 20 years later, and still dealing with the disease, I have decided to share my story as I’m dealing with more doctors and struggling with the health care system in Ontario, Canada. My intent is to share, educate, and remove the stigma around talking about irritable bowel diseases. And to show that when dealing with one, it is possible to blossom.